To undestand water cycle we need to unpack plant physiology process of
Photosynthesis respiration and evapotranspiration. This settles the understanding of wtaer cycle, green hoseu gasas and the climate change in general.What is Plant Respiration?
Let’s pretend you are in gym class. Your gym teacher has asked you to run a lap around the school building as a warm up activity. As you start to run, your body starts to metabolize or burn the sugars in your body. You start breathing heavier because your body needs to take in more oxygen in order to burn the sugars. You’re breathing out carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (air) and your body begins to sweat. Plant respiration is very similar.

Plant respiration is the process in plants when sugars are used or metabolized (burned or turned into energy) for growth, repairs and reproduction. These sugars are gained from photosynthesis. The process occurs during the day time and night time. It involves taking in oxygen and releasing it as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (air). I know you are probably thinking, but don’t plants give off

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