Now when we are designing our budget for 2015-2016 let us all suggest our government to invest in future of the national living standards by allocating a major chunk of budget (5%) for Water sanitation and Hygiene.
This one intervention will improve our multiple development indicators.

We have frequent episodes of disease like
Diarrhea, Cholera, Typhoid, Hepatitis and several other, Caused by
poor quality drinking water and sanitation results in agony and death .Disease of dear and near ones causing Loss of working hours, spending on medical treatment and hence a deficient domestic spending in an already poor home.
Mother, supervising elder sister / brothers spending major time and
energy in collecting water from distant parts of the community, are
unable to contribute their role in family upbringing and development,
which is the right of younger, growing family members. This
deprivation results in a poor family development and family fabric in
addition to exposing female folk to dangers of harassment and
Frequent disease episodes and low spending capability results in
children not attending schools, mal nourished, and rowdy youngsters,
eventually growing into unhealthy members of the society and burden on it.
Poor families are already food deficient and are infested with
Helminthes in their digestive track that results in having strong
competitor of already scarce food, making the poor more
If we look at all indicators of under development at a glance like
Poverty, education, health and a forthcoming youth force capable of
contributing to a developed nation infrastructure we conclude that the common link/ cause of our under development in south Asia is our inattention to water , sanitation and Hygiene education.

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