1. Entering saaf Pani project punjab Pakistan, do not forget –
  2. Saaf Pani is the highest funded project in and part of south Asia and Africa
  3. It is of prime importance to the health and well being of the big province of Pakistan-Punjab
  4. This O & M condign in the capital, what will be in the far flung villages http://www.waterpakistan.com/2284-2/
  5. supply of clean drinking water via pipes was impossible because  we had pipes of drinking water and domestic waste water laid side by side under ground and when ever there was a break down , good and bad water mixed. Due to intermittent supply at the time of closing sewerage water in the area was sucked by the drinking water pipe.
  6. Drinking water pipes pass through waste water lines , due to short water supplies drinking water lines have suction motors installed, which sucks in sewage water in drinking lines
  7. almost no effluent water domestic or industrial is treated for impurities. we do have some arrangement at Islamabad and Karachi, that is inadequate.
  8. That makes untreated water unfit for drinking
  9. Ground water is mostly bacteriological contaminated
  10. Surface water has bacteriological contamination too
  11. other  common issues are TDS, suspended solids, Arsenic, Nitrate Fluoride
  12. so we jumped to filtration plants, and hand carrying clean water for safe drinking
  13. Two major initiatives have been tried and failed in the ppast like clean drinking water initiative and clean drinking water for all ( CDWI) and (CDWA)
  14. Even a dedicated ministry of Special initiatives failed to deliver beyond 475 abandoned plants
  15. Please remember the issues are quality, microbiology and Chemistry NOT ENGINEERING
  16. No one solutions fits all
  17. Make use of available information and move cautiously
  18. Fresh analysis of feed water samples important
  19. We have frequent power stoppages
  20. maintenance of high technologies in far flung areas will be a real issue.
  21. Better use simple local technologies maintainable in backward area.

God Forbid if this project fails nobody in the developing world

will dare supply clean water



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