February 26, 2017


Clean drinking water available nowhere in Sindh: repo
KARACHI: The Sindh Water Commission has noted that the people all over the province are not being provided safe drinking water in accordance with the World Health Organisation’s standards, according to a report.

The commission was formed in December last year on the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, comprising Sindh High Court judges.

Headed by Justice Iqbal Kalhoro, it was tasked to conduct an in-depth probe into the authorities’ failure to provide clean drinking water, sanitation facilities and a healthy environment to the people of Sindh.

For around two months, members of the commission held meetings and conducted surveys to report their findings.

The commission, in its report forwarded to the apex court, has underscored the awful condition of water supply and its sanitation in the province, pointing out mismanagement, incompetence and negligence on part of provincial authorities in ensuring the provision of safe drinking water to the people.

“There are 414 places in the province, where drainage water is disposed into Indus River or its canals,” the report reads. It further states that people all over the province were not being provided drinking water in accordance with the parameters set by the WHO.

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