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  • Penn project aims to stop open defecation by changing social norms

    gates foundation funds a project for behavior change to reduce open defecation in India

  • 13 mineral water brands declared unfit for human consumption

    This is a routine testing of PCRWR April 2016 more than hundred brands were unsafe and July 20 we have 13 unsafe. It may be a good idea to publish full reports and , tel us the safe brands also.

  • Pakistan to seek arbitration if water dispute with India not resolved

    cross border water with india

  • Kishan Ganga Dam: Pakistan decides to opt for a ‘neutral expert’

    Pakistan struggling to get hold of its grabbed water resources

  • Cleaning Body after Poo/ loo with minimum water, Africa / south Asia

    A Lota as in the picture can be used for body cleaning after POO/Loo with minimum water consumption. its cheap and lite weight/#.