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  • Band Khoh Water Filtration Plant, Abbottabad Pakistan

  • Highest Gravity Flow Drinking Water Filtration Plantin Abbottabad, Courtesy Japan

  • Foreign consultants for Punjab Saaf Paani, Pakistan too late to rush now

    Board approves foreign consultants, after spending majority budget and time on the clean drinking water project

  • 23m rural people to get clean drinking water by Dec 2017,Punjab Pakistan

    Saaf Paani Company makes yet another lofty claim of Completing project by DEC 2017. how long it works successfully is another question.US Dollar Billion are at stake, Pray for success.

  • The Full List of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (with pictures) – #SDGs

    If you want to have a look on 17 SDGs only , here they are