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  • Understanding water cycle, plant physiology, green house gases and climate change

    for understanding climate change, water cycle , green hose gases and oxygen/ carbon dioxide cycle we need to under stand plant physiology of Photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration.

  • PA lawmakers lament lack of clean drinking water

    Saaf Pani company, making last hour efforts to have a successful launch a clean diking water plan for rural Punjab, Pakistan

  • Photosynthesis for Kids, water stays as H2O

    Water quantity on earth and above stays constant, means we drink or irrigate water stays as H2O, The only major operation where water changes to CO2 and energy is Photosynthesis

  • Karachi water board’s failure can lead to an epidemic, SC fears

    Karachi water board performance in court

  • Clean drinking water available nowhere in Sindh: report

    There are 414 places in the province, where drainage water is disposed into Indus River or its canals,” the report reads. It further states that people all over the province were not being provided drinking water in accordance with the parameters set by the WHO.