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  • Action Plan for improving WASH/drinking water in south Asia

    This road map was made a decade ago, and it is still valid as before. viable, short term, long term , heavy budget have been classifide

  • A milestone on the road to greener economies, plant to make nutrient rich fertilizer from waste

    an old concept of mulching comes back for bringing back carbon to soil

  • Planted move-Punjab Saaf Pani

    current position of Punjab Saaf Pani, Project

  • Planted move Ali Raza May 21, 2017 Leave a comment Hundreds of water filtration plants installed in the previous regime have been rendered useless, and huge public money is being invested in installing new machines in the provincial capital Planted move Twin plants: The one on the left was installed during Musharraf’s times, the other...

  • Water shortage: Islamabad Mayor Aziz put on notice

    Pakistan Capital, Islamabad citizen face water shortage and goes to court