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  • CM highlights importance of ‘Saaf Pani Programme

    Shehbaz Sharif said that a clear and comprehensive plan should be evolved for the effective implementation of the potable water project and final recommendation should be presented in this regard in seven days.

  • Provision of clean water to people priority: Mayor Lahore, Pakistan

    . The mayor admitted the fact that the underground water level of the provincial capital was depleting fast and immediate steps were needed to preserve this precious resource for future generation. He also admitted that traces of arsenic were also found in some of the tube-wells in the provincial capital,

  • CM seeks World Bank assistance in Saaf Pani, punjab Pakistan

    Shehbaz Sharif said that technical assistance of World Bank for furthering Saaf Pani Programme will be welcomed, adding that every citizen has right over potable water and a mega programme of provision of Saaf Pani has been evolved for the people of the province.

  • Entering saaf Pani project punjab Pakistan, do not forget -Guide lines for Chinese experts

    Entering saaf Pani project Punjab Pakistan, do not forget -Chinese experts please do not forget these factors. make full use of previous experience in Pakistan

  • Filtration Plant in F 11/4, Islamabad

    Pics of a Filtration Plant in F 11/4. No maintenance , not functioning